Christian CAMP

When: Mar 24th - 26th, 2017

​Cost: $110

Check-In: Friday @ 7pm

​Check-Out: Sunday @ 11am

Our speaker this year is Rachel Barrentine. She resides in Nashville, TN. The story that is bringing her here is a spectacular one. It's long so I'll keep it short. While our women's committee sat down to pray for a speaker, on a day and hour we didn't normally meet, the phone rang. Rachel was on the other end. She had been searching for camps and Women's Retreats in particular to speak at. We prayed and decided to reach out to her. With a handful of phone calls, an interview and after much prayer, on both ends, we knew that God had put this all into place. We are excited to have Rachel come out and share what the Lord has put on her heart. Ladies, she's a funny one. Be prepared to cry, from laughing too hard. Be prepared to spend some quality time with the Lord, friends, and sisters in Christ! Below you can find some of Rachel's music videos! (She's also a musician)

Find our more about Rachel on her website 

Speaker: Rachel Barrentine

This is our newest retreat on the winter line-up and we are breaking away from the norm. Our Women’s Retreat is rich with biblical teaching, worship, and relaxing fellowship. From afternoon tea to table clothes, the weekend will not be like the traditional chaos of camp. Over the weekend, women over 18 will be learning how to make God enough for them when the world hurls disappointments our way. Unwind with the King of kings and a warm coffee alongside your sisters in Christ.