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Minor Shack Porches

Along with the pergola we've added outdoor seating all throughout camp. Near the Trading Post we've added some fencing with a water feature as well as swings, tables, and benches to increase our seating. On the south east side of the Bearstooth we've added a couple of round tables and chairs. This is a great location to sit and chat while enjoying coffee or simply waiting for meals to begin.

BCC has finally received a long awaited and needed wood shop. The wood shop is located out at the Zortman along with the Auto shop and facilities storage. Since completion the wood shop has been heavily used!

Zip Line Brakes & Gates

2016 Updates

The pond here at BCC received numerous updates. First, we expanded the pond by removing the peninsula. Second, we added bought a new blob. Third, we added a new activity, the rope swing and lastly we built chairs for our lifeguards. The removal of the peninsula allows for water to move more freely. We did add a pier where the peninsula used to sit. The addition of the rope swing is two fold, one it's awesome and two to help relieve some of the stress from the blob. The new lifeguard chairs allow for our lifeguards to sit with a height advantage over the water.

As camper numbers continue to grow, so does our campus. During non-summer months, the staff of BCC remains busy working on upgrades, new developments, and so much more so that our campers can enjoy the best of what we have to offer. Not only have we worked on improvements for the summer, we've have added new activities for our winter retreats! 

If you'd like to know how BCC prioritizes it's work projects, you can check out our Strategic Five Year Plan Operational Guidelines here.

Interested in the things we are doing? Are you being led to help? Maybe you can't give your time, but you can lend tools. Whatever it is, if you want more information please contact our office. We'd love to tell you about what is happening at BCC.

ga-ga pit

Kids Quarry

Shower house

Wood Shop

Outdoor seating

                                                In addition to adding new activities for the                                                       2016 camping season we've also upgrades                                                     some of our current activities. For safety, we                                                   added gates to the zip line tower that keep campers safely on the platform until they are completely harnessed and hooked up to the line. On the other end we installed a new brake system that is a bit easier on our staff. No more running them to the top of the brake area and that means less time braking and more time zipping!

The pergola is a new patio on the north west side of the Bearstooth. It is equipped with tables for dinning as well as a fire pit that allows for some fire side chats. With restrooms located nearby as well as a view of central camp, this is a great spot to have small group or one-on-one chats!

Our minor shack porches also got a make-over!

The older minor shacks got concrete porches put in this past Spring while the newer minor shacks got new railings and face lift. 





Kids Quarry Deck

2015 Updates

Play place