Christian CAMP

Price: $160 per two hour session

Our climbing wall comes with three complete sides for climbing. As you make your way from back to front around the wall you will find climbs of various difficulties. The back side of the wall was built with little kids in mind. With rope ladders, tires, and large holds, young kids can enjoy this activity. The left side of the wall is designed for our beginning and intermediate climbers. With a straight wall climb this is a great way for campers to test their limits and see how far they can go! The front side of the wall is designed for our more advanced climbers. With boxes designed to invert you as the climber it gives you more of a realistic feel of climbing. Think you've got what it takes to climb one of these lines? The right side of the wall is used for repelling. Repelling is an activity of its own. For more information on that click here or the link above.

Climbing Wall